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Universal Medical Picture Archiving and Communications System

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Archive medical images across specialties. See Medifacts Systems' secure, encrypted autopsy data system. Streamline reporting with Medifacts Systems' Medical Voice Recognition system.

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Because Imaging is the heart of your work

Our MPACS (Medical Picture Archive and Communications System) is open-architecture software compatible with all industry-standard systems. MPACS is a universal medical image repository. With MPACS you can store slides, photos, transparencies, text, stains, etc. via data entry, scanning, instrumentation, etc. You can also dictate your reports via our voice recognition system and capture data from previous dictations. It allows for easy storage, retrieval and queries of your information from any field, and is able to generate customized reports perfect for research and grant-writing. There are many demands and complications beyond your control. MPACS is a methodical, organized solution that offers instant and reproducible results. MPACS is available as a stand-alone system or as part of your network.

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Acquire, store, retrieve, and reproduce DICOM radiology images and data. Expanded SEARCH.
"No more lost or damaged images"
Pathology and Surgery
Where are your case cassettes, photos, slides, and stains? Put your images and associated data at your fingertips with an effective archival system.
Streamline research activities.
Use 21st century tools to simplify your work. Simplify acquisition, analysis, and presentation of your data.

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